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Sponsored Research


Many sponsored research proposals require assessment or evaluation plans. At the request of the principal investigator, OIRA may provide support in the development and the implementation of these plans. Consultation on the formation of an assessment plan based on measurable outcomes should occur early in the grant proposal process. If OIRA will partner on the implementation of the assessment plan, a budget will be created based on the approved OIRA fee schedule. A final copy of the grant proposal that includes the assessment budget should be provided to OIRA.

Principal investigators intending to collect data from students, faculty, and/or staff should review the policy on Institutional Research and Assessment Coordination.

Some links that may be helpful in the grant writing process include: OSP (Office of Sponsored Programs), IRB (Institutional Review Board), and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) web sites.

Additional resources include the following sections of the OIRA web site:

  • The Assessment section of the OIRA web site provides a review of the assessment process, including guidelines for developing measurable objectives.
  • The Reporting section of the OIRA web site accesses various data elements necessary for inclusion in some grant proposals.

For more information on sponsored research or to discuss a specific project, please contact OIRA.


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