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National Research Studies


OIRA encourages the University’s involvement in national research studies in which faculty, staff, and/or students are asked to participate, such as the National Survey of Student Engagement. (Instruments that gather institutional data for reporting and rankings, such as U. S. News & World Report, are not national research studies. For more information, see the section on Reporting.)

National research studies are most beneficial when

  • the focus is aligned with the University’s vision,
  • the data provide the University with information that will be used for quality improvement,
  • the data are not already available,
  • the other participating institutions constitute an appropriate comparison group,
  • stakeholders have been consulted,
  • the methodology is sound, and
  • adequate resources are available to conduct the research.

OIRA must verify that these conditions are substantially met before the University commits to participation in a national research study. Use the navigational links on the left side of the screen to view the following:

  • A narrative report for each of the National Research Studies in which SU has participated provides a brief overview of the study.
  • Links to the web site of each National Research Study in which SU has participated allows for further exploration of these studies.
  • The University Six-Year Assessment Plan and the Data Collection Schedule identify the current institutional research and assessment efforts of the University. The Six-Year Plan provides a long-term perspective regarding the University’s involvement in national research studies, external and internal reporting, accreditation, sponsored programs, internal research, assessment, and sponsored research. The Data Collection Schedule details these efforts over the next few semesters.

For more information on national research studies or to discuss a specific project, please contact OIRA.


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