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University Six-Year Assessment Plan  



Upon request OIRA will assist in the development and review of accreditation self-studies. This includes providing institutional data and supporting on-going efforts to assess learning outcomes.

Data required for accreditation reporting purposes may be available on the Reporting section of the OIRA web site. Additional data are available to current MyReports users who have been granted access to the IR folder.

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  • The SU Accreditation Schedule highlights the 26 accrediting bodies that are associated with the University. The Schedule provides a listing of each program or school/college that is accredited, along with the name of the accrediting agency. The date of the last and next accreditation visit and the frequency of accreditation efforts are also included.
  • Links to the web site of each accrediting agency, the Middle States site, and the SU Middle States site may be helpful resources when preparing for accreditation reviews.
  • The University Six-Year Assessment Plan identifies the current institutional research and assessment efforts of the University. The Plan provides a long-term perspective regarding the University’s involvement in national research studies, external and internal reporting, accreditation, sponsored programs, internal research, assessment, and sponsored research.


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